Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays: The Chinese Character

Tramp Stamp:
'Hope' in Chinese...let's hope in English

Time of Tramp Stamp: 
18th birthday

Tattoo Meaning:
I'm an adult now and I do what I want! (In other words...Take that, Mom!)


Erin wanted this tattoo since the time she was 16 years old. On why she wanted this, Erin said, "The idea behind the tattoo came from my feelings in the wake of my father's death. I felt it represented what I aspired to be at that time, what I kept trying to remind myself to be: hopeful. Even in the darkest times, I thought it might remind me to keep looking forward."

Erin admits, "I BEGGED my mom to let me get it. Some of my friends had tattoos and I felt it was unfair for her to deny me this mark of coolness. She just kept telling me, when you are 18, you can do whatever you want ... if you still want it then, at least you know you really wanted it. Well, the day of my 18th birthday, I called her up to tell her I was getting that tattoo."  You rebel!

Erin went to the tattoo parlor with my boyfriend at the time and his sister, both of whom had tattoos already.  Erin said, "I certainly felt like an adult and I really felt that I knew what I wanted, given how long I waited."

Currently Erin is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at Princeton and an adjunct professor at Kean University.

Tattoo Goal:
While Erin has thought about incorporating her tat into a larger, more interesting tattoo she confesses that she thinks her tattoo days might be over. But one thing's for damn sure, she definitely won't have it removed. She said, "Seems just as silly to pay that much money to take it off as it was to have it put on in the first place." Erin added, "It was a very meaningful tattoo at the time I picked it (I didn't just pick it off the wall), and because of its importance at that time in my life, it remains an important part of my life history. Even if chinese symbol tattoos are cliche, this one still means something 'rare' (another translation of the tattoo) to me."

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