Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays: The Boyfriend Tattoo

Breanne, Porter Ranch, CA

Tramp Stamp:
The lucky number...correction...his lucky number...ahem, the boyfriend tattoo

Time of Tramp Stamp Tattoo:  
On her 30th birthday not very long after meeting her now husband, Kurt.

Breanne is now happily married and a proud mother of three. She also works for a non profit where she helps organize student run book drives to get books into the hands of organizations in desperate need of books!

Kurt has the exact same tattoo on his leg, literally, the tattoo artist traced his leg and put it on Breanne's back. 17 is Kurt’s number! It was also his dads. They met on the 17th, got married on the 17th and well you see where this is going. Now it is their number too. This is Breanne's first and only tattoo, or as she said, "unless you count my stretch marks." To know Breanne is to know her fear of needles but she wanted to show her adoration for Kurt and nothing says, Baby, I'm yours quite like a permanent inked engraving. (She would like to note that she will kill her daughters if they have the same thinking one day). How did Breanne with the phobia of needles make it through this experience? Breanne said, "The entire time I was getting the tattoo I was thinking if this guy had his eyelid tattooed I could handle my back. This guy was awesome and I think I was so excited to get this tattoo but even more excited to be in the same room as a guy that looked like that!"

Breanne never regretted this decision until at one time in her marriage when she felt they were drifting apart. It was a very dark time, but one day when she was getting into the shower she saw her tramp stamp in the mirror and thought two things: #1 She must have loved him tremendously at one time to do this and #2 Who the hell will take her with a 17 tattooed on her ass?!
Isn't my cousin, pretty?!

Needless to say Breanne and Kurt worked out everything and she loves him more than the day she married him...which was on the 17th.

By the way, if either of her daughter asks you about mommy's tattoo, the answer is, "That's not a tattoo! Your mommy was born with a birthmark!"

Tattoo Meaning:
Baby, I'm all yours...whether you like it or not...forever!

Tattoo Goal:
Keep it hidden from her daughters for the next twenty years.

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ADmin said...

Commander Cook depicted the tattoos as markings and right here stated that the Polynesians called it "Tataw".