Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Room for Sentiment

 Not one, but both of my Yahoo email accounts have been hacked by some dude in Spain! Ugh!!! Maybe it was some bitch in Spain, but either way I'm pissed! I'm not so much as pissed at the actual act but at the countless number of emails I still have saved in these accounts. I die! The spam email even went to a Hollywood screenwriter I worked for right out of college. I worked for him for one week until the weekend when he went on a cocaine bender and called me obsessively- sexual harassment all the way. When Monday morning came around and I was supposed to show up to his office which was conveniently out of his home, I sent my cousin Gary to drop off whatever work I had of his. Yeah, that guy got a spam email from me. Ex boyfriend and father of ex-boyfriend, you got it. A list of Hollywood contacts I was secretly hiding/saving for the day I got my "big break," yup.

And just why do I have these ancient emails saved? Call it laziness, call it my hoarding problem. For whatever reason, it made me feel connected. I seem to forget that there is no need for that because now there is facebook and twitter and maybe, just maybe, it ain't so important to stay in touch with that many people. I just went through one account and deleted 125 contacts. Then I went through the other and deleted 88 contacts. Over 200 email addresses I don't need anymore and I'm sure there are lots more. But what a great purge. I think you should only clean when you're angry 'cause there is just no room for sentiment. 

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