Tuesday, February 14, 2012

50 Reasons Why I Love This Guy

 1. You make dinner.
2. Your ability to recall seemingly random but totally profound quotes from The Simpsons.
3. Your devotion to peanut butter.
4. When I need to clean up my clothes, you wait until even I can't take it and then ask me to pick my shit up.
5. Your beat up, cut up, calloused hands.
6. When we first started dating (the second time) you ripped up pieces of pita bread to share with me as we dunked them in that awesome hummus at that hookah shop in Westwood.
7. You introduced me to Phish.
8. You fix my earrings.
9. You can paint without painters tape.
10. You are just so cool...and cute.
11. You let me choose which side of the bed I want to sleep on wherever we go.
12. You made my engagement ring!
13. When I need to listen to Pearl Jam for hours on end, you let me.
14. Your smile.
15. Your wink.
16. That you will get a slice of pizza with me at all hours of the day or night.
17. We travel well together.
18. You know when I need a hug, even before I need it, and I never ever have to ask for it.
19. You love the beach as much as I do and never turn down a swim in the ocean.
20. You are really fucking good at soccer and handstands.
21. You visit me at work.
22. When my feet are cold, you let me tuck them next to yours.
23. You like stepping in puddles and boarding down mountains.
24. You look out for hidden shrimp in food more than I do and I'm the one with the allergy.
25. How you greet your 92 year old grandfather.
26. How much you love your little sister.
27. You tell me I look pretty on the days when I feel like shit.
28. You bought me a membership to BAMcinema for Christmas.
29. Every once in a while you surprise me with flowers.
30. When we were dating long distance, you stayed on the phone with me for hours even though you were three hours ahead.
31. You are always teaching yourself something-electronics, cooking, history...
32. You let me write about you on my blog.
33. You give me a kiss goodbye every morning.
34. You know when I need to sleep in and leave me be.
35. You proposed to me on top of a mountain while I was doing my favorite thing in the world.
36. You're totally mischievous, especially after a few drinks.
37. Your street smarts.
38. You always act like you know where you are going in the city, even when you don't.
39. You're good with kids.
40. You give good back massages...but might I add, not nearly enough.
41. Your quick wit.
42. Even though you don't really believe in celebrating Valentines Day, when I woke up today there was a bouquet of flowers for me.
43. Your adventurous taste buds.
44. You never notice or at least you pretend not to notice when pretty girls check you out.
45.Your very broad musical tastes.
46. You know stuff about cars and camping.
47. You're good at doling out reality checks even though I sometimes call you a Debbie Downer for doing that.
48. Your endless patience.
49. That you were a psychology major.
50. How with a look you can make me feel like the only woman in the world.


Mike said...

Thanks beautiful, love you too.

Jenn and Casey said...

AWWWW. I really love all your pictures. They are cool angles and really show what a fun couple you are :)

Erin said...

so sweet! i love you both! ; )

Carmen said...


Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

Thanks! He's pretty neat : )