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Wordless Wednesdays: Brooklyn Bright

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Tuesday Treats Snippet: Lena DeGloma

My friend Lena is a licensed and very talented massage therapist as well as a birth doula and an herbalist.  A more detailed profile of Lena will come at a later date, but for now check out her article on the benefits of prenatal massage as well as massage during labor for both mom and baby. If you have ever been interested in a natural birth, this article may sway you! And I can speak for her massages. If you live in Brooklyn, give yourself a treat and book an appointment. Your body and mind will thank you.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Guest Post: Defining Skills, Revealing Attitude

It's Monday morning and already I have had to readjust my work attitude. Instead of slogging through emails and catch ups, I embraced my exhaustion from watching the Oscars and staying up very late and took a moment to do something at my job that I haven't done in a long time- take twenty minutes to be a part of something that reminds me what the mission of my place of employment is. And you know what? It worked!

I work at a school and today I got out of from behind my desk and watched a musical performance by a bunch of 12 & 13 year olds and it reminded me of how fortunate and awesome it is that I get to work in a place that's primary goal is to educate and foster creative young minds.  It's one of the reasons I went on my interview here many years ago. But the mission and goal of my place of employment sometimes escapes me, especially because I am not a teacher. I forget, as we all do sometimes, just how great and lucky I really am.

On that note, here is another Guest Post from Professor Kevin on the difference between defining your skills and revealing your attitude, the importance of both.

The Resume
by Professor Kevin

There are only two questions your next employer is going to ask of you during your application process.  Of course, they will disguise these two questions in a hundred ways.  But really, every question your next employer will ask you is either going to be for you to define your skills or reveal your attitude.  I have yet to see the interview question that is not trying to define your skills or probe your attitude.

The evaluation of your skills is done primarily by reviewing your resume.  The evaluation of your attitude is done during the interview; you can reveal very little of your attitude with paper.

Like many written communications, how you say something is as important as what you say—including your resume.  Your resume needs tone.  And the tone can be described as, What I learn when I am employed. This tone is the most important aspect of your resume and will highlight your ability and desire to grow and develop in your next employment.

Many resumes fail to answer this question.  Maybe the applicant puts down a G.P.A but even this marker fails because it references learning at school and not what is learned in employment, and there is a huge difference between these educational experiences.

What I learn when I am employed also answers the number one skill question in the hearts and minds of your next employer.  Before I hand you the answer, ask yourself what is the most important skill my next employer wants to know about me?  And I don’t care if you are applying to be a top executive or a dishwasher in a restaurant.  The answer is: Your ability to learn.  For example, your degree from college or graduate school provides your next employer with a better indication, not of what you know but what you are capable of learning.

With this in mind, you need to construct the details of your work experience that illuminate what you learned in employment.  I started as a receptionist and moved up to an executive assistant within three months.  I started at as a part-time bookkeeper and became an account executive.  I started as a production assistant and became a producer.  The same principle applies for upper level executive positions—you need to frame your work experience with references to what you learned and how fast you learned it.

Be sure to include all the training you provided both informally and formally to your co-workers.  Include all your mentoring activities as well.  I see very few resumes that explain the training the applicant gave to others; and yet, training your co-workers references your expertise, communication abilities and commitment to your last employer.

This approach separates you away from the individuals just looking for employment and places you solidly with the career-minded.

Why is your ability to learn such an important factor?  Because the economy we are in changes so fast.  The business landscape is one continuous earthquake; and companies that are not ready to change will be cast aside—just look at Blockbuster.  And, companies not only have to change, they need to grow and not grow artificially by buying things, but by real growth which is only found in their employees—grow people; grow profits.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Me: The Richest Woman On The Planet

In planning my wedding, something really awesome has happened. My father and I are talking a lot more frequently. And not just about the wedding, but about regular life obstacles which is something I have always been able to talk to him about, but it feels different right now. When I share with him some of the stuff I am having difficulty with, like career goals and understanding where I'm headed, he doesn't tell me what to do. Not that he ever really did too much of that. But right now he just shares with me where he still experiences the same kinds of things. He tells me how he can relate with similar obstacles in his life right now. He reminds me that life is forever a mystery and we have no more control over individuals that frustrate us or hurt us than we do over where life is going to take us and what hurdles will come our way.

I have always wanted to be a writer. I went to school for it. I am always taking workshops. I'm in a writing group. I have a blog. But at 30, I am no fool and I know just how difficult it is to make a living at writing. And the living it may afford me, I'm not so sure I want anyway. When I told him this left me feeling a little aimless or unsure about what I could be passionate about then, in terms of a job and a career, you know that never-ending question: how do I make more money? which has a subtext question: How will I ever be able to raise a family?, he told me not to forget that I had a talent.

"I'm just not sure what it is," I told him and then he said one of the nicest things someone's ever sad to me.

He said, "Well, it starts with your heart. Writing is just a tool for that. But you have always had a big heart and the ability to touch people."

I'd be lying if I didn't get all teary eyed.  No one gets me like my dad can get to me. For as loud as my bark is, the truth is I have always been very sensitive. So much of the "toughness" I present to the world comes from having a heart that feels so much.

So, whether that truly is my talent or not, it was nice to hear and I don't feel embarrassed to share because it shows just what an awesome dad I have. I was recently thinking about how much kindness is overrated in today's world. When I talk to single women about the kind of partner they are looking for, kindness  is almost never on the list. There is always the physical, the superficial, the things that bring us happiness in the short term, that instant gratification. Or people want a "challenge,"someone who will challenge them, which can be interpreted in so many ways. But actual kindness is so overlooked, so under appreciated. We hold cynicism, wit, humor and looks far superior than being good-natured, giving, genuine and kind. And while I may not be able to see the kind of "career path" I'm on and while I may not be able to see where I'm headed in life, ever, I can say that in my life I have come to treasure kindness and honesty and sincerity.  I have been blessed with a father who is genuine and capable to express to me that he thinks my talent is a big heart. He also raised my brother to be a sensitive, caring man who opens the car door for his girlfriend and calls his sister just to see how she is doing with wedding planning. And while Mike and my Dad seem very different on the outside, at their core, they are the same kind of man. For myself, I don't know that I would have found a guy like Mike without having the kind of father I've been given. And for all the pain and loss that I have experienced in other areas of my life, all the frustrations and obstacles I am experiencing with career and finances, as far as the men in my life are concerned, I feel like the richest woman on the planet and that is enough to be grateful for- for a lifetime.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

No Room for Sentiment

 Not one, but both of my Yahoo email accounts have been hacked by some dude in Spain! Ugh!!! Maybe it was some bitch in Spain, but either way I'm pissed! I'm not so much as pissed at the actual act but at the countless number of emails I still have saved in these accounts. I die! The spam email even went to a Hollywood screenwriter I worked for right out of college. I worked for him for one week until the weekend when he went on a cocaine bender and called me obsessively- sexual harassment all the way. When Monday morning came around and I was supposed to show up to his office which was conveniently out of his home, I sent my cousin Gary to drop off whatever work I had of his. Yeah, that guy got a spam email from me. Ex boyfriend and father of ex-boyfriend, you got it. A list of Hollywood contacts I was secretly hiding/saving for the day I got my "big break," yup.

And just why do I have these ancient emails saved? Call it laziness, call it my hoarding problem. For whatever reason, it made me feel connected. I seem to forget that there is no need for that because now there is facebook and twitter and maybe, just maybe, it ain't so important to stay in touch with that many people. I just went through one account and deleted 125 contacts. Then I went through the other and deleted 88 contacts. Over 200 email addresses I don't need anymore and I'm sure there are lots more. But what a great purge. I think you should only clean when you're angry 'cause there is just no room for sentiment. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Serenity

While making this playlist I learned that a classmate from high school just passed away from breast cancer at twenty-nine years old. I was out of touch with her for many years but a few months ago she had friended me on Facebook. I could see through her pictures how much she had struggle and battled cancer and yet in every picture she had a big smile. In honor of Catherine Stringer who was an inspiration, one of the smartest women I ever knew, and had a spirit larger than life, there are few songs here picked for her and the color for today is pink. Rest in peace, Catherine and thank you for gracing us with your short but hugely inspiring life.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays: The Chinese Character

Tramp Stamp:
'Hope' in Chinese...let's hope in English

Time of Tramp Stamp: 
18th birthday

Tattoo Meaning:
I'm an adult now and I do what I want! (In other words...Take that, Mom!)


Erin wanted this tattoo since the time she was 16 years old. On why she wanted this, Erin said, "The idea behind the tattoo came from my feelings in the wake of my father's death. I felt it represented what I aspired to be at that time, what I kept trying to remind myself to be: hopeful. Even in the darkest times, I thought it might remind me to keep looking forward."

Erin admits, "I BEGGED my mom to let me get it. Some of my friends had tattoos and I felt it was unfair for her to deny me this mark of coolness. She just kept telling me, when you are 18, you can do whatever you want ... if you still want it then, at least you know you really wanted it. Well, the day of my 18th birthday, I called her up to tell her I was getting that tattoo."  You rebel!

Erin went to the tattoo parlor with my boyfriend at the time and his sister, both of whom had tattoos already.  Erin said, "I certainly felt like an adult and I really felt that I knew what I wanted, given how long I waited."

Currently Erin is a doctoral candidate in Sociology at Princeton and an adjunct professor at Kean University.

Tattoo Goal:
While Erin has thought about incorporating her tat into a larger, more interesting tattoo she confesses that she thinks her tattoo days might be over. But one thing's for damn sure, she definitely won't have it removed. She said, "Seems just as silly to pay that much money to take it off as it was to have it put on in the first place." Erin added, "It was a very meaningful tattoo at the time I picked it (I didn't just pick it off the wall), and because of its importance at that time in my life, it remains an important part of my life history. Even if chinese symbol tattoos are cliche, this one still means something 'rare' (another translation of the tattoo) to me."

If you are interested in having your tramp stamp profiled, shoot me an email (button on the right side of my blog), leave a comment or tweet me! (@rewindrevise)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

No Shrinking Flowers Here!

Athena Film Festival program!
Hey there! I wrote another article for BlogHer about the Athena Film Festival and the film, The Whistleblower starring Rachel Weisz who should totally be nominated this year as should the writer/director Larysa Kondracki and co-writer Eilis Kirwan. Check me out by clicking HERE! And as always, thanks for reading!

Wordless Wednesdays: Early To Rise

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

50 Reasons Why I Love This Guy

 1. You make dinner.
2. Your ability to recall seemingly random but totally profound quotes from The Simpsons.
3. Your devotion to peanut butter.
4. When I need to clean up my clothes, you wait until even I can't take it and then ask me to pick my shit up.
5. Your beat up, cut up, calloused hands.
6. When we first started dating (the second time) you ripped up pieces of pita bread to share with me as we dunked them in that awesome hummus at that hookah shop in Westwood.
7. You introduced me to Phish.
8. You fix my earrings.
9. You can paint without painters tape.
10. You are just so cool...and cute.
11. You let me choose which side of the bed I want to sleep on wherever we go.
12. You made my engagement ring!
13. When I need to listen to Pearl Jam for hours on end, you let me.
14. Your smile.
15. Your wink.
16. That you will get a slice of pizza with me at all hours of the day or night.
17. We travel well together.
18. You know when I need a hug, even before I need it, and I never ever have to ask for it.
19. You love the beach as much as I do and never turn down a swim in the ocean.
20. You are really fucking good at soccer and handstands.
21. You visit me at work.
22. When my feet are cold, you let me tuck them next to yours.
23. You like stepping in puddles and boarding down mountains.
24. You look out for hidden shrimp in food more than I do and I'm the one with the allergy.
25. How you greet your 92 year old grandfather.
26. How much you love your little sister.
27. You tell me I look pretty on the days when I feel like shit.
28. You bought me a membership to BAMcinema for Christmas.
29. Every once in a while you surprise me with flowers.
30. When we were dating long distance, you stayed on the phone with me for hours even though you were three hours ahead.
31. You are always teaching yourself something-electronics, cooking, history...
32. You let me write about you on my blog.
33. You give me a kiss goodbye every morning.
34. You know when I need to sleep in and leave me be.
35. You proposed to me on top of a mountain while I was doing my favorite thing in the world.
36. You're totally mischievous, especially after a few drinks.
37. Your street smarts.
38. You always act like you know where you are going in the city, even when you don't.
39. You're good with kids.
40. You give good back massages...but might I add, not nearly enough.
41. Your quick wit.
42. Even though you don't really believe in celebrating Valentines Day, when I woke up today there was a bouquet of flowers for me.
43. Your adventurous taste buds.
44. You never notice or at least you pretend not to notice when pretty girls check you out.
45.Your very broad musical tastes.
46. You know stuff about cars and camping.
47. You're good at doling out reality checks even though I sometimes call you a Debbie Downer for doing that.
48. Your endless patience.
49. That you were a psychology major.
50. How with a look you can make me feel like the only woman in the world.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Japanese Proverb: Shut Up

"If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by."

In other words, shut up.

Sometimes I can't help myself. I feel somehow wronged when I see what I think is a wrong done to another person. I feel compelled to say something, push for change, at least raise the red flag and say, "Something here is not quite right."

But if I look at what these impulsive comments or actions have ever in turn gotten me, rarely have they ever benefited me. Instead, I just look like the bullshit police or worse, a tattletale. I feel it is my job somewhere to "call it like I see it" never doubting that perhaps I do not see all of it. I take pride in what I understand to be an uncanny ability to see how things will not work out, how things will inevitably end, and how I can save a person, a situation, an experience if I just "speak my truth."

But who the hell am I?!? We learn things when we're young. And for me, I learned to observe people, to detect a lie, to sniff out the bullshit. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...hell no! But I am starting to reflect a lot and I can see that this never works out in my favor. It just makes me angry or extra cynical and what's the point in knowing something if you can't really do anything about it. It just makes you feel shitty and lets you take on other people's problems that you can't do anything about. Somewhere I adopted some belief that if I tell people, then things will change. People will change. Things will look different. But that shit never works. We are all just doing the best we can and maybe, just maybe, I don't know as much as I think I do.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Planned Out

 How many plans and commitments can I fit into one weekend? A film festival, an article to write, two wedding venue visits in two different states, a birthday party, tutoring, a dinner down the shore, not to mention two books I agreed to cover. All I see that I will really get from doing all of this is a cold. Not to mention that my weekend started last night at the Soho House. The good thing is, all of this is fun, but it doesn't mean that I have the energy for all of this and even if I do, it doesn't mean I should do all of this! Sometimes I forget that I am only one person. Sometimes I forget that I only have one body, this body, and that I should be good to it. Sometimes I forget to schedule myself into my days, give myself an hour to sit and enjoy a slow breakfast or an extra hour of sleep by going to bed early, or time to sit on the couch and do nothing. Sometimes I forget that while all of my extracurricular activities are very fulfilling and a helluva a lot of fun, they do come at a cost. Sometimes I forget how much I really need 8 hours of sleep, sometimes even 9.  Sometimes I forget that just because I have one night free doesn't mean I should offer it to a plan, a job, a commitment, anything. I forget how much I love evenings where I just come home and Mike and I have a meal together. It's so easy to take for granted the quiet moments here. In a city where there is always so much happening, it's easy to forget that all of that will still be happening even if you take a few nights to do nothing. And one day I'm sure I will laugh at this post. Laugh at all the side jobs I juggled just to make it work here. Laugh at all the "plans" I had when it was only me I had to worry about. I will laugh at how serious I took myself and remember this time as the time in my life where I did get enough sleep. But right now, I have to say, I'm looking forward to those days where I have no plans because I can't have plans and where I am tired all of the time but with purpose.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays: The Boyfriend Tattoo

Breanne, Porter Ranch, CA

Tramp Stamp:
The lucky number...correction...his lucky number...ahem, the boyfriend tattoo

Time of Tramp Stamp Tattoo:  
On her 30th birthday not very long after meeting her now husband, Kurt.

Breanne is now happily married and a proud mother of three. She also works for a non profit where she helps organize student run book drives to get books into the hands of organizations in desperate need of books!

Kurt has the exact same tattoo on his leg, literally, the tattoo artist traced his leg and put it on Breanne's back. 17 is Kurt’s number! It was also his dads. They met on the 17th, got married on the 17th and well you see where this is going. Now it is their number too. This is Breanne's first and only tattoo, or as she said, "unless you count my stretch marks." To know Breanne is to know her fear of needles but she wanted to show her adoration for Kurt and nothing says, Baby, I'm yours quite like a permanent inked engraving. (She would like to note that she will kill her daughters if they have the same thinking one day). How did Breanne with the phobia of needles make it through this experience? Breanne said, "The entire time I was getting the tattoo I was thinking if this guy had his eyelid tattooed I could handle my back. This guy was awesome and I think I was so excited to get this tattoo but even more excited to be in the same room as a guy that looked like that!"

Breanne never regretted this decision until at one time in her marriage when she felt they were drifting apart. It was a very dark time, but one day when she was getting into the shower she saw her tramp stamp in the mirror and thought two things: #1 She must have loved him tremendously at one time to do this and #2 Who the hell will take her with a 17 tattooed on her ass?!
Isn't my cousin, pretty?!

Needless to say Breanne and Kurt worked out everything and she loves him more than the day she married him...which was on the 17th.

By the way, if either of her daughter asks you about mommy's tattoo, the answer is, "That's not a tattoo! Your mommy was born with a birthmark!"

Tattoo Meaning:
Baby, I'm all yours...whether you like it or not...forever!

Tattoo Goal:
Keep it hidden from her daughters for the next twenty years.

If you are interested in having your tramp stamp profiled, shoot me an email (button on the right side of my blog), leave a comment or tweet me! (@rewindrevise)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Guest Post on Resume Interview Preparation Part 2: The Psychological Effects

By Professor Kevin

So, what did you learn in your last employment?  Write down all you learned.  Maybe you had a bad boss; what did they teach not to do?  This seems like such a simple question, but it derails many of my students—they just seem to get stuck.

So, I ask a second question:  How does it feel not to have a job?

After the surprised looks disappear, I get answers like: I feel awful, scared, less of a person, miserable, I feel depressed etc...Good, the elephant in the room has just been revealed—the biggest obstacle for a job seeker crafting their resume and preparing for the interview are these debilitating feelings.  And until the job seeker puts these feelings aside they cannot hope to adequately or even accurately describe their employment skills because they can’t see them.

Write down your feelings on your resume preparation piece of paper.  How do you really feel about not being employed or underemployed?  Now, dismiss those feelings with a long walk, some exercise, talking to a friend, saying a prayer or whatever else you do to feel good about yourself. When my students move past this obstacle they are able to focus and identify those resume gems in their work experience and express them in a clear unequivocal manner.  Their interview answers change from wandering comments to definite, positive and confident statements of who they are and what they will do for their new employer.

I haven't dreamed any of this up.  This is what I've learned from thousands of resume and interview preparation workshops I have given to aerospace workers, unemployed teens, long-term unemployed, welfare recipients, homeless, students with MBA’s and even ex-prisoners fresh out of Folsom prison.
Get rid of the feelings of being unemployed and the negativity that it hangs around your neck.
Good, now let’s move on.

Your name, address, phone number and email address need to go at the top of your resume.  Most place it at the center of the page.  Remember to get a professional sounding email.  That cute, hot sounding email you created in high school—don’t use it.

How you stylize your heading is your call, just don’t run it down the side; put it on the top.The first statement on your resume needs to be a statement of your goal.  This has been termed as: objective, goals, employment goal or employment objective.  This one to two sentence statement is critical for your resume and needs special attention because it is usually the first comment your reviewer will see and read.

The trick to this statement is to craft your goals so that they fit into the goals of the company you are applying to.  Where does this company envision itself in the twenty years?  What are the interests of this company?  What are the values and corporate culture of this company?  You can find all of this on their web page.  What goals and aspirations do you personally share with this company?  What the company emphasizes on their web page as their future is what you highlight as your goals for employment.

Our next installment will focus on your work statement and explaining your skills.  And here is a question for you:  What is the most important skill you should put on your resume?  Hint:  Most resumes, I’d say 90%, fail to do this.

All questions and comments are welcome!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

State of the Union #1: "The Danger Element"

This past Friday marked three weeks that Mike and I have been engaged and already I am feeling that tidal wave a-comin.' The stress, the amount of details, the planning, the budgeting, and that's not even touching the surface of more touchy subjects like family dynamics and a very long guest list. On the bright side, it has made Mike and I look at how rich our lives are in terms of friends and family. There are so many people we want to have share that day with us and people from all over the country. We have two very full lives and we are excited to really merge them together and keep growing forth. But shit, that idea becomes so quickly lost! Guests become numbers, numbers become dollars and dollars become anxiety. I keep telling Mike, do you really want to enter this world? Do you really want to have arguments over Chilean Sea Bass and whether fondant cake goes well with buttercream filling and who the hell we can actually sit at table 8? Do you want to enter this world for the next year?!! I keep trying to push going to Mexico on him, so we can skip all of this. Of course he doesn't understand because he doesn't get worked up about stuff like this. Instead he just laughs at me and says, We're having a wedding. And I hate to admit this, but there is a part of me that is relieved when he says that because the truth is, I do want a wedding. But I am torn between thinking I don't really want one and then wanting the sun and moon. In either scenario I am lying to myself. And in either scenario I am disappointing myself before this ball even gets rolling.

But thankfully, I have some very creative friends who are also veteran brides and have already offered support, advice and one in particular who sent me this amazing clip from Portlandia. I burst out laughing at "the danger element" and "show dead people." This is where I'm at, people. And all ideas for an outdoor venue in New York or New Jersey that does not make you sign away your first-born, send 'em this way. Thanks.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Things I've Learned From Living in NYC

* The ability to identify the scent of a dead mouse

* How to dodge puke and dog shit while texting

* The perception that $1600 is "not bad" for a shoebox apartment in a "not bad" location

* I just can't wear heels

* If an entire bench is clear when you step on the subway, don't sit there

* Earthquakes CAN happen in New York

* The kinds of flip flops you wear in LA are not flip flops you can wear in NYC

* If you think that mentally ill homeless man is getting ready to spit on your pedicured bare feet in your skimpy LA flip flops, your instinct is correct

* Do not tell the cab driver that you are "going to Brooklyn." Instead say "7th Avenue," then get in the cab, close the door and add "in Brooklyn!"

* Movie theatres in New York will never add up to movie theatres is LA

* When you hear good music, give the man (or woman) a dollar!

* Do not give out money to anyone on the subway unless they just sang you a really good version of a Tracy Chapman song or did a back flip off the hand rail.

* You cannot wear short skirts and tight shirts together. In New York, you choose: tits or ass.

* Whatever you do, do not bite your fingernails, lest the bubonic plague befall you after riding a packed subway car.

* When people say "let's go to the beach!" they really mean "do you want to take a 2 hour train ride with me, spend 3-4 hours on the beach and then take a 2 hour train ride back with me today?"

* Explaining that you were late because of "train issues" always works

* New Yorkers don't give a shit about famous people

* Women here are normal-sized and they look damn good

* Always dress like you might run into someone you'd like to impress, because you will

*You can take a picture of any spot in NYC and with the clever use of Instagram or even not using an effect at all, make it look like art.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays: The Butterfly Goddess

Melissa, Indianapolis, IN

Tramp Stamp:,, tribal butterfly. Yeah. Tribal butterfly...

Time of Tramp Stamp: 18 years old--Spring Break!!!

Place of Tramp Stamp: Jacksonville, Florida, baby! Same tattoo shop Fred Durst works at!

Bio: Melissa has been an independent hairstylist for 13 years and a yoga teacher for one year. She is married to a heavily tatted man and embraces her tramp stamp, even though she admits it is her 2nd tribal piece that ended up looking like the Godsmack sun. This was Melissa's first of two "flash of the wall" tats which she doesn't do anymore. On that Melissa said, "Trying to set yourself apart with permanent pictures that a gazzillion other impulsive peep are choosing from....leads to annoying strangers telling you how cool it is we have matching tattoos!"

Tattoo Meaning: I did it all for the nookie!

Tattoo Goal: Even though this tattoo is used in hair magazines to sell make up that covers up tattoos, Melissa likes it and won't ever change it...unless she adds to it. But Melissa cannot say the same for her second tattoo received at 19 which she said, "will meet a laser someday!"

If you are interested in having your tramp stamp profiled, shoot me an email (button on the right side of my blog), leave a comment or tweet me! (@rewindrevise)