Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays

So, back in May while drinking cocktails in a Vegas lounge, my friend Courtney and I decided we wanted to make coasters with pictures of regrettable tramp stamps (starting with our own) and what the lovely owners of these celtic, flower, and tribal designs are up to now. When I was nineteen, I got my first tattoo. This was in 2000, before the lovely phrase "tramp stamp" had been coined and then hijacked by all of America to describe tattoos crowning the derrieres of eighteen year-olds everywhere. I picked mine off a wall in upstate New York during my friend's final film project of her sophomore year of college. I had written the script which had a scene that took place in a tattoo parlor. My friend, ever the insightful director, cast me as the role of the girl in the chair, and ever committed to "all or nothing" I surprised her with committing to getting a real tattoo during the filming. I thought I was being clever by taking the design and chopping it up, you know, really making it mine. I mean, it was very meaningful to me at the time- three daisies. That was my flower. How could I EVER be regretful of that???

And so we begin...

Courtney, Indianapolis, IN

Tramp Stamp:
Celtic...I mean, Celtic design

Time of Tramp Stamp Tattoo:
18 years old

Courtney is now 32 years old and works as the Director of Community Services at a non-profit independent high school in Indiana funded by Goodwill Education Initiatives. She also has a start up flower business called, Flourish. She is married, responsible, and looking forward to becoming a mom in the not so distant future.

Tattoo Meaning:
"I'm 18, bitches!!! I can do whatever I want!"

Tattoo Goal:
Complete removal one day.

Thanks, Courtney. At least you have awesome shorts.

If you are interested in having your tramp stamp profiled, shoot me an email (button on the right side of my blog), leave a comment or tweet me! (@rewindrevise)


SteveB said...

Hah! Great series!

When we're in Vegas, we see a lot of brides that have multiple tattoos showing in various places and I have to think "Did you picture that tattoo as part of your wedding ensemble?"

But if we don't get to do potentially regrettable things when we're young, when can we??

Lindsey said...

LOL! Thanks for commenting, Steve. It's true, so many regrets made...but only one that is a permanent reminder! At least most of us can laugh about it!

vvvv said...

haha funny!


I dined out at Christmas eve and stayed home all day long at Christmas.

And at New year's day either.

What did YOU do at Christmas and New year's day?

have you been to the Times Square for new year celebration?