Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tramp Stamp Thursdays: The Flower Child

Lindsey, Brooklyn, NY
Tramp Stamp:
Daisies...I mean, wild know, 'cause I'm wild

Time of Tramp Stamp Tattoo:
19 years old

Lindsey is now 30 years old and works as an assistant to the Head of School at a private school in Manhattan. She is also a script analyst for two TV/Film production companies, tutors, blogs, volunteers at the Park Slope Food Co Op and recently got engaged. This was the first of four permanent decisions and also her first regret of those four decisions.

Tattoo Meaning:
"I'm a rebel, Dad!"

Tattoo Goal:
Complete removal...or another permanent decision to cover said regret.

I may be the first woman in history thankful for stretch marks because they distract you from staring at this "beauty mark" for too long.

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Sarah O'Holla said...

LOL these posts are great. You are so wild! I'm mean, Lindsay is so wild.

Lindsey said...

Ha!! Thanks, Sarah!