Sunday, January 1, 2012

No Man Is A Failure Who Has Friends

Hike with Mike, Columbus Day 2011
Happy New Year and Welcome to 2012! It has been nice to step away from this blog for a couple days. To step away from Facebook and Twitter and to just be in the world, living my life, instead of documenting or reflecting on it. It was nice to spend time with my brother and his girlfriend, with old friends and new, to dance at Madison Square Garden, to be with family, to have a meal with friends, to be thankful for every precious minute we have on this planet and to be grateful for every precious minute we share with those we love. I read a news headline today that read something to the effect of "ringing in the new year after a tough 2011." Because 2010 was so tough and I was so happy to say goodbye to that year, I don't think I've really looked at this year as being tough for me personally. I had a lot of happiness and a lot of miles traveled this year. The year started with New Years 2011 spent at Central Park with old friends. I fell in love with two new babies that joined the world in February and met three other babies this year that also made my heart skip a beat. I spent Presidents Day weekend snowboarding in Vermont with an old friend and getting to know his wife which was truly a treat. I had a Spring Break in Aspen and Boulder with new friends and old. I played soccer this year with a new team. 
Me & Aleli
Me & Sarah
I spent Tara's 30th in New Orleans, celebrated Dad's birthday in Los Angeles, and Zee's 30th in Las Vegas. I went to Puerto Rio with Mike and his family. I went to Provincetown, made new friends, saw a whale, and learned a valuable lesson in writing and ego. I made very good friendships with some of the people I work with as well as having to celebrate people who moved away to LA and London. I had a 30th birthday in Brooklyn and a 30th birthday bbq in LA with princesses and family and friends for far reaching corners of my life- a friend made in the 7th grade, a friend made on the soccer field in New York, a friend made in my first college dormitory, and a friend made in a writing workshop in Provincetown. I made new friendships in a yurt in Ithaca for a beautiful wedding weekend and one of the people I have loved most in this life got well as many others. The year has been filled with so much joy which amazes me that just a week ago I felt at a loss for words about anxiety and depression and what to do with it. Two days ago I made another friend who after seeing me dance for hours on end said, "You? Depressed? I don't believe it." And I don't think I believe it either. And yet there are certainly moments where the earth beneath me feels like it is beginning to crumble. But when you've got a world filled with so much, a life exploding with so many wonderful friendships, maybe the important thing to focus on is that you have a ground to stand on in the first place, that the earth beneath my feet is rich in love, support, adventure, and laughter. Thank you to all my wonderful family and friends for an amazing year. I love you all and to all the new friendships I am making through this blog, the connections being made are priceless. In the words of Michael Franti, "All the freaky people make the beauty of the world!" 

The year in pictures...

Vegas with the girls, May 2011

Work friends make the best friends,
My 30th NYC party, September 2011
Reconnecting with best friend from 7th grade and
meeting her daughter
Danielle & Amy & Me, Junior High, High Schol & Beyond

Fall Colors with some of my faves, Fall Colors, VT, October 2011

The rock

My friends who broke my heart
and moved away this year
June 2011
Night beach trip with
FAWC friends, Cape Cod, July 2011

After seeing a whale, Provincetown, July 2011
Vegas, Baby!!!

Aspen, CO with Sarah D., March 2011
Arapahoe Basin, March 2011
Tara celebrates 30 years, New Orleans, April 2011
Game face, Vegas 2011

PR, May 2011
Puerto Rico with Mike & his family, May 2011
Birthday with Princesses

Fall Colors Ladies Weekend, October 2011
Court & Me

Shaun, Lauren, Mike & Me, December 2011

Me & Jack

Mike & Logan

Sean, Toast, & Me, September 2011

Me, Michele, & Manny, August 2011

Me & Willow, March 2011

Christmas with Mike, NYC, December 2011


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Hi, there.

good to write to you.

I dined out at Christmas eve and stayed home all day long at Christmas.

And at New year's day either.

What did YOU do at Christmas and New year's day?

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what a great year!
wishing you an even greater 2012. you only get better...

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happy new year t!