Friday, December 9, 2011

Sheila and Nine Ladies Dancing

Sheila had just about enough of the snooty attitude of her daughter’s ballet teacher. True, her daughter was not exactly graceful, nor did she fit the bill for a future ballerina. Her tutu often sat at a raised angle, pushed below her belly in the front, raised high by her butt in the back. But her heart was in it. So when her daughter was told she would be a lamb instead of an angel for the Christmas pageant, Sheila was none too pleased, not to mention all the angels were of one hair color. When Veronica came home and said she wanted “yellow hair” so she could be pretty, Sheila had enough. As Veronica struggled to pliĆ© in sync with the other girls, the snarky teacher said, “We want nine ladies dancing.” Sheila grabbed Veronica and very lady-like flipped the teacher the bird.


Anonymous said...

This judge gives that bird flip a score of 10!

Anonymous said...

non-verbal gestures often convey much more than do words ;-)