Sunday, December 18, 2011

Notes You Can Find Around Our Apartment

What it's like to have a car in Brooklyn

Sent with a check from a friend in VT to reserve his spot for a ski vacation.
Been on the fridge for 7 months

That's right. Jerry.

Mike likes to make "packing lists." I like to wait until midnight the night before
I take a flight and pack at the height of a panic attack.

"Request for penalty abatement"-- Yup, still dealing with the IRS

My storyboard for my book.

Notes written out of anger, defeat, frustration and exhaustion.
Ikea always wins.

A thank you and an invitation from our friends in Seattle, a note from our neighbors about
putting in a gluten free order to Sami's bakery, a recipe for an Inca power bar,
and  a reminder that we both liked this German beer "Hacker-pschorr..." 

Mike's secret recipe for his killer brownies.

Return to Sender

A tear-out from 2009 about which organic fruits and veggies to buy.
I still don't think I've read it.

Wish list for the apartment. Always a Work-In-Progress.


Erin said...

I also make packing lists! ... and, Jeff usually waits until midnight the night before we leave, but he somehow remains calm as he does it. It's amazing...

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...


Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

I don't think I'm calm...ever. Except wen I'm swimming in the ocean. That usually does it for me. : )

Carmen said...

i am more of a panic packer myself.
i like to make to-do lists but have trouble crossing anything off of them. the "house to-do" list is eternal, but as long as things keep getting simulataneously crossed off and written in, it's ok. i like the healthy food thing you kept...i keep things that i mean to look at later for about 5 month and then throw them away. amazing.

TommyD said...

I make lists for everything... packing, writing, daily tasks, shopping, everything. I have even been know to put the entry "make new 'to do' list" or "consolidate lists" on the bottom of my master list. A list is especially essential for camping. I'll try to dig up the famous "Atheist's Guide to Car Camping" that my friends Paul and Jim and I wrote a few years ago. It's quite comprehensive. ;)

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

I love when people comment!! Tommy D, I would love to read that guide and I think I should write the Women's Handbook on Living with Boys.