Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meredith and Four Calling Birds

Meredith was not one to complain. She enjoyed simple pleasures like baking, knitting. She had been a devoted mother and a faithful wife to Tom for the last twenty-five years. But when her youngest left for college, something changed for Meredith. She no longer took joy in knitting along with the birds. The fire where her libido once lived had been reignited. All Meredith could think about was running out of the house, naked, with her hair down, screaming for freedom…but instead she baked. She baked so much she began to neglect her duties as Tom’s wife, the same way Tom had been neglecting his manners for years. So when Tom came home and barked, “Where’s my dinner?” Meredith let her hair down, threw open the front door, and tossed a fresh rhubarb pie to the four calling birds gratefully tweeting her praises.


Anonymous said...

Go Meredith! Way to embrace the "empty nest" syndrome. ;-)

SteveB said...

Screw that guy!