Friday, December 2, 2011

Hugo and Two Turtle Doves

The eggnog was flowing, the copier machine running. Clich├ęd photocopies of butt cheeks and cleavage littered the floor at the office holiday party. Hugo’s drinking record included a few beers and one shot of peppermint schnapps on a dare. He was not aware of the heavy amounts of rum in the creamy punch. He confused his sudden urge to dance, his sudden yearning to wear a Santa hat, and his sudden courage to flirt with the busty accountant, Lorraine, for excessive sugar and nutmeg in his fourth mug. When the microphone came his way, and the karaoke cued his favorite holiday tune, Hugo became possessed. While leading the office in a rowdy carol, finding Lorraine curiously close to him, drunk with popularity, Hugo reached over, and jingled her breasts in tune to the line, “two turtle doves!” They never got to the third day.


Anonymous said...

Now that is an office party I'd like to attend with my hidden camera. YouTube here I come. :-)

Go Blogfestivus blogger!

Anonymous said...

Wait. Do you work with me? This so sounds like something that would happen at one of my office parties!