Wednesday, November 9, 2011

With A Heavy Heart: We Had Nuttin' But Love For You, Heavy D

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It is with a heavy heart that I'm writing about Heavy D, one of the most influential rappers of my beloved 90s decade, who died yesterday from what appears to be "respiratory issues." Before I was shopping in the "Alternative-Rock" section in Tower Records shortly after I heard the throaty cries of Eddie Vedder, Chris Cornell,  and Scott Weiland, my first love was hip-hop. Before I dyed my hair with red Kool-Aid and marked up my brand new maroon Converse with a Sharpie pen, adorning my feet with Stickman, the symbol for Anarchy, and the Nirvana Smiley Face, I was wearing black body suits from Limited Too with baggy forest green jeans worn backwards dancing in my bedroom to the likes of Naughty By Nature, Kris Kross, The Pharcyde SWV (Sisters With Voices) and who WASN'T dancing to Heavy D & The Boyz?!?

Heavy D came on the scene with Living Large and then hit it big time with his serendipitous Big Tyme album. He collaborated with both Michael and Janet Jackson and B.B. King making him nothing short (or small) of an artist who walked among giants. You will be missed, Heavy D. We had Nuttin' but love for you, baby.

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