Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday Treats: Shaun Kevin Anthony

So, what better way to kick off my new artist profile segment Tuesday Treats by profiling my little brother, Shaun Kevin Anthony. Isn't he handsome? But don't be fooled by his Irish-Armenian-English-German good looks or his casual sleeves-rolled up, top button-undone Cali style. Behind this handsome picture is a deeply talented, Shakespearean trained actor. Seriously. He is a graduate both of SMU's stellar acting program and the Oxford summer program at the British American Drama Academy (BADA). He has performed with the the Dallas Shakespeare Festival where he played Florizel in A Winter's Tale and I'm pretty sure held up a steel sword in the middle of a thunder storm. Talk about dedication. The guy risked being fried by lightning before breaking character. He has also been cast in three Shakespeare plays with Shakespeare OC, which is no small potatoes especially when you get reviews like this from  LA Splash Magazine for his role of Edgar in King Lear
[...Anthony has the presence of a leading man of royalty. But the moment he’s exiled and has to feign insanity to enhance his disguise, his transformation into the beggar “Poor Tom” is nothing short of incredible. With his face smeared with mud and dressed only in a loin cloth, Anthony’s Edgar is a mirror image of Krausnick’s Lear in terms of how “The Dark Night of the Soul” can test one’s sanity. Anthony’s ability to transcend such emotional levels helps Krausnick during Lear’s breakdown. A fine, talented actor at A Noise Within (especially his entertaining performance in Noises Off), Anthony is a fresh new face at Shakespeare Orange County, and hopefully, it won’t be his last appearance at the amphitheatre.]  

Or reviews here at PlayShakespeare.com for his role as Antipholus of Syracuse in The Comedy of Errors  or my favorite (because anyone who knows theatre knows how incredibly difficult this play is to pull off) his long-running role as Tim in Noises Off at the incredibly talented A Noise Within Theatre. But enough tell, more show. Check out his comedy reel!

OR his Central Bank Commercial which made me feel really old because he can now be cast as a father and I am his older sister.

Not to mention he just won the Best Actor Award (and some mula) in the Amazon Studios September 2011 Contest for his performance in My Girlfriend's A Puppet.

Or how about his online video game commercial  (EVEOnline) which has now surpassed 1,000,000 hits on You Tube?

Hey Matt Groening, need a new character? I've got a man with a thousand voices for you. Oh, what's that I hear? He's already been in commercials for Bud Light, Nascar, and Buffalo Wild Wings? You don't say!

In short, my baby brother is one talented man with HUGE range as you can see by this post. Though he has been hitting the ground running since he graduated college (when he had an internship with the very prestigious Milwaukee Repertory Theatre), he is just at the beginning of what I can see will be a very successful, and artistically fulfilling life and not just because he's so talented but because he's found the duende of life. He gets up everyday, and tries one more time to find that which is true, that which is beauty, and that which is meaningful. So for today's Tuesday Treats, do my bro a solid and check out his links! Tweet them! Follow him on Facebook. He's a good guy to get to know.


Carmen said...

wow! i've seen your bro in a few commercials, and heard about him being on stage, but had no idea the breadth of work he's produced. what a talent! noises is off is an amazing show. wish i had seen him in that!

Lindsey said...

He's pretty amazing : )