Friday, November 4, 2011

How To Age Gracefully

Me on my 30th birthday
  • Stop Smoking…Now. Every time I see a young girl with a cigarette dangling from her lips just before she strikes her lighter, I want to rip it out and tell her Stop That. (See #57) 
  • Cut the Crappoccinos. We all need a little “pick me up,” a little “fast forward” to get us through the morning, the day, the night, the holidays…but that’s what caffeine does to your face, too. Fast Forwards it. 
  • Daily Routine – wash, rinse, repeat. Moisturize.We all know this. And Wear your Sunscreen (See #11) 
  • No dark circles left behind. You know the kind of eyeliner/mascara shadows left from the night before when you did that half-ass job to get most of your makeup off? Your not fooling anyone. We know those smoky eyes are not intentional.
  •  Skip the cocktail. Order the white wine spritzer instead. Alcohol ferments, remember? And whatever you do, don’t drink red wine and then sit passenger in a long car ride with a stranger...unless you are looking to unload a heavy secret. (See #32, #33) 
  • Exercise and not with the idea of “losing weight” but with the idea of “shedding stress.” Stress is real, people. BELIEVE! (#30) 
  • If you do get a blemish or two or twenty five even though you are 30 years old and you are wondering just when the hell you will graduate from puberty, don’t pick. That’s right, leave those irritated, raw, red bumps untouched. Even now, I know you are touching, perusing, thinking about the pleasure of popping that not-yet-ready pimple. Don’t, for you will truly make a mountain out of a molehill. 
  •  If it’s not your business, don’t make it your business. Not my duck, not my bottle.  Less problems, less furrowed brow, less Botox on the horizon.
  • Listen to music everyday. Just do it. 
  • Give Thanks. Everyday.

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