Thursday, October 6, 2011

World Wide Suicide

I have been listening to Pearl Jam obsessively for weeks now. Don't be alarmed, this happens sometimes, usually when I am going through some sort of internal change. The song World Wide Suicide came on and I felt it eerily appropriate with what is happening in New York City lately. After attacking several girls in Sunset Park and Park Slope and the people of Park Slop finally protesting outside of the local precinct, NYPD (whose Commissioner, Ray Kelly recently admitted that the NYPD has enough arsenal to shoot a plane out of the sky) finally beefed up their game and police cruisers have been parked on various corners in the neighborhood along with cops. My thought is, What about undercover cops? Which I am hoping there are. Because at a certain point those cars disappear and the streets go back to dark and lonely, especially in the morning. The time I used to get up to go to the gym no longer feels safe to do so.
What else is happening, you ask? Occupy Wall Street! Which is pretty bad ass and makes me proud to feel a part of that youth that is throwing stones at the greedy Financial Goliath. I would like to participate, however, it is unclear what the "ask" is. The protest has muscle now because of the Labor Unions marching yesterday, but it feels disorganized at the top, which is why so many people got hurt and arrested last night when they tried to storm the barricades. Who is leading this train?
But my favorite thing happening, which I am sad to have missed it (but happy I was in LA which is why I missed it) was Slutwalk 2011. Last weekend, there was a protest in Union Square in reference to a Toronto police officer's comment that women should stop dressing like sluts if they don't want to get harassed. Obviously, this did not go over well with women around the globe, but especially New Yorkers who recently watched two NYPD officers get acquitted of rape (and an accomplice to rape) with overwhelming testimony including an admission by the cop on tape. Slutwalk will continue to protest, which I hope to participate in next time. 
What else, you ask? Steve Jobs died. On Facebook everyone is very emotionally posting "RIPs" and status updates on how Jobs changed the world. I recently read a book which talked about the rise of Apple and Jobs was not depicted as a messianic innovator but a terrifying, egomaniac who stole the company from Wozniak while Wozniak was recovering from amnesia and and brain trauma after a bad car crash. No doubt, Jobs is one of the men (Gates the other) behind the technological revolution but I find it interesting to see how many people our mourning the loss of a man they know very little about. It all comes down to stories, media, what is presented as problem and solution. The push and pull of a society in desperation, in the throes of change with iron shackles to a shameful past. Now, why did World Wide Suicide feel appropriate? This is not the world I am talking about. It is really just New York City and perhaps the nation, but this is my world and it feels the same way I think of suicide, desperate, fearful, screaming out into a void that no one else seems to be listening to.
If we keep knocking, will it break?

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Carmen said...

Yes. I was fascinated by the trend of posting jobs face, or the apple logo all over Facebook. I continue to be fascinated by Facebook...