Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snowtober: The Politics of Magic

I wish I could claim that I came up with that phrase, but only the fear-monger producers of the media can come up with a term that so closely evokes the word "Apocalypse" or "Armageddon." Yes, it is, snowing here in Brooklyn, and not like some dusting, but some "we're are in the middle of winter" shit. Fall lasted all of two weeks, I think. Leaves didn't even really change colors here. Just went from green to dead. And now the little tree outside my window is slumped over, heavy with snow, wet leaves, and branches not quite hardened by a gradual drop in temperature. I can remember it snowing before my first Halloween here after moving in March 2008. I remember it because I had called in sick to work and Mike and I woke up super early to drive to Pennsylvania to go hear Obama speak in a field in Pennsylvania.  It poured rain. But hundreds if not thousands stood in long lines to eventually be led like cattle onto a field now wet with sleet, puddles and frost, slowly turning into a mud field. But, amazingly, no one seemed to be deterred. The country was hurting so much that people of all ages, of all colors, of all walks, trudged forward to hear this promising man full of hope and light speak. People popped umbrellas but then it angered others since the umbrella were beginning to block the view of the stage. Eventually the umbrellas holders were shamed into putting them away. So we all stood there, breath frozen as we waited for Obama to come out. He came out like a quarterback onto a field at halftime ready to lead his team who was down a few touchdowns back to victory. He did not have an umbrella and his windbreaker seemed flimsy against the sheets of rain. He spoke to us, promised us, he would make thins better and he stood there in the rain with us, too. On the way home, the rain turned to snow. And I remember texting my brother something to the effect of. Just saw Obama. Snowing in October. There was something magical about the snow after hearing him speak. Like his promises had power. He could even make it snow in October. Years later, I can see that he did not possess the magic I thought he might. I can see how promises get hijacked when it comes to politics and that sometimes it just fucking snows in October.  I know our President's ratings have dropped considerably once again. The man has passed a revolutionary health care bill, killed Osama Bin Laden, is ending the war in Iraq by the end of this year, and trying to figure out how to loosen the handcuffs on college grads like myself who are burdened with outrageous student loans. The economy is in the shitter, yes. We knew this when he took office. Have mistakes been made? Yes. Do I still think he is the man for the job? Yes. (Have you seen this circus?) I am working at a Halloween party tonight, standing outside in Snowtober, as the door-woman from about 8:30 - 2:30 in the morning. I do it every year as a means to get a little extra cash before the holidays, one of the many ways I keep myself financially afloat. But I still believe in magic, and maybe next year I can stay home and watch a scary movie instead.

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