Thursday, October 20, 2011

Okay. Let's Do This Internet

After a long informative, hilarious, and insightful chat with one of my oldest friends in life last night, I realized several things:
1. My friend, Morgan (@ is a goddamn genius. But, I kind of already knew that. She was the girl in high school that when she got grounded for 6 months (count 'em folks!) which for any other teenager would equate to social suicide,  Morgan taught herself how to play five instruments. She was always one step ahead of the game in high school- knew what she wanted to do, got into elite art programs across the country, took AP courses, and applied early decision to NYU's Tisch School of the Arts for directing and got in which was promptly announced/broadcast on the school news show. Not to mention she is beautiful and all the boys loved Morgan until she scared them away. But, I digress. When she became a blogging celebrity overnight, I would pick her brain with the word "how?" How come I could not figure out how to do that with my blog? (Number one- your blog has to be public which I just recently made it after three years of blogging!) But Morgan, would calmly say things like, "you know (@*(*$@(*@$&*(&@&(&@#)@&)@)*@))@%^#(&#$)@#... you just figure it out." Which is to say what she thought she was saying seemed really basic and simple to her but was like hearing Mandarin to me. She was speaking in tones and I was trying to decipher it with Latin. What comes as instinct to her, comes as mind-blowing to me. Anyway, last night I got her all to myself for a very long stretch and I finally think I understand what this blogging thing is about, or rather, how, potentially, I can elevate this blog and get some more traffic. (Number two- don't be afraid to throw out shameless requests for more blog love). But, more importantly I get WHY one wants more traffic. I know, I'm a little slow. The other day at a bar, the bartender looked at my ancient phone sitting on the table and said, "Wow! That awesome phone." He even picked it up to hold it like it was some lost artifact. I never got a smart phone and still have to text by pressing the 2 button three times until I get to the "c" or the 7 button four times until I get to the "S." Yes, you heard right.  This is what I'm working with, people. Sanyo, yo. They go for zero dollars if you sign up with Sprint. That's right. They give these phones away. I was the last of my friends to even get a cell phone, the last to join facebook, and I missed that whole age when people were getting into HTML and learning web design. When I was in college, we still had floppy disks, and my freshman year of college I had a pager.  But this is no excuse, I suppose. Morgan and I went to college together and if you look at both of our blogs, you get what I mean. But, after hours of talk, I learned a little more about the internet, and walked away thinking, "What a smart cookie."

2. Follow me. If you read this blog, which may only be the 6 people that are following, but if you are not one of said 6 followers, do me a solid and follow me. I'm talking to you, Aunt Mary Kay. Rose, I know you're out there.

3. I learned what a "lurker" is. A lurker is someone who reads your blog but doesn't comment. I admit it. I myself am a lurker. Daleboca, Carmen, for this I'm sorry. I will "delurk" myself and comment more regularly. Plus, lets be honest, it is really nice to get a comment.

4. Learn twitter. Last night I received a twitter tutorial. (Check me out!) There really is a science to it. And even if I don't fully understand, I have to participate if I'm going to jump into social media. In the words of Howard Hughes, "it's the way of the future."

5. I learned SOOOO much I kind of wish I didn't learn about post-partum recovery.
Ladies, ladies...we are amazing! We literally keep the world moving, and give birth to beings through tiny holes that tear, and stretch and ouCHHHH! Pregnancy has always scared me, but holy shit! Mo, you're my hero.

6. I think I could have spent all night long talking to my friend who I realized how much I miss. It was like we were back in college again or even back in high school. I don't have anyone out here that I have that kind of history with-high school, college, boyfriends, and breakups, and wardrobe mishaps, and dyed hair and regretful tattoos, and depression, and recovery and so many, many laughs. I realized of all my friends, Morgan is most like a sister to me. It was both nice to realize that and nice to have a moment before falling asleep when I could say to the universe, thank you.

7. Girlfriends are important.

8. I am terrified about putting myself out there tonight and mingling at a networking cocktail reception with other bloggers, women bloggers no less, and handing out business cards and saying to others and to myself, "I am a writer." But in the words of my high school drama teacher, "Live life in the scary places. It's much more interesting."

9. I am capable of so many things.

10. It is ALWAYS okay to skip the gym if you have the opportunity to stay in, cook a meal, and talk with an old friend.

So, to all my mighty 6 followers, all my maybe 2 lurkers, and any other random internet peepers, let's do this! I'm committing to you, to this blog. What do you say? Throw me a shamelessly requested traffic bone. And to my Valley sister, thanks for the help and everything else over the last fifteen years.


Unknown said...

make sure you leave your blog address everywhere when you are on the internet

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

thanks! I forget to do that!

mk said...

I am a follower now-not a lurker!!!

Carmen said...

thanks for the electronic shout out. i love reading your blog (it is one of two that i check daily).
ps i like your high school teacher's quote

Wallace said...

confession...i am totally lurker #3

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

Ha!!! Love all you lurkers! Thanks for coming out!

The818 said...

I adore you. See?! You already had more readers than you thought! I can't wait to follow this new chapter!

(And you are WAY too kind to me. Almost none of that is true.)

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

Thanks, Mo! Its funny how people become immortalized in high school. What we take away with us. You were the coolest in my book and I swear all of that is true!