Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Indian Summer

What an amazingly gorgeous weekend. If I closed my eyes, it felt just like home. Warm, sunshine, no humidity, dry. On Saturday, after spending a few hours writing, I went for a long run around and through Prospect Park. Mike and I decided to go to dinner - my favorite Thai place- and followed that up with a long walk and ice cream and pecan pie at a pastry shop I have been wanting to try since we moved here. Everything exceeded expectation. On Sunday,  after reading a script, I played an awesome soccer game and got a left-footed goal, then had a beer at my new favorite bar, The Whiskey Tavern, and watched the Giants blow it against Seattle. But my mood was not shaken. We stepped out into the warm "fall" air and went home where Mike made cheeseburgers and I finished up my coverage. Then on Monday, we got out of town and got lost in the woods for four hours. We hiked several miles and ate lunch overlooking a red & gold leaved valley below. We sat and just talked, the two of us, for an hour, and we both kept saying how we have to do this more often. Just before lunch we had run into an older couple and the woman was pale with no hair, clearly fighting some form of cancer. She asked where we had come from and then apologized for how she looked and put her hat on. Mike smiled, as if to say, its all okay, and told her there was a gate up ahead marking off private property, but there was a nice creek just before it, worth checking out. They both smiled at us and continued sitting on the rock. Towards the end of the hike, the path opened up lined by birch trees that rained down gold leaves every time the wind blew. Mike took my hand and we walked out together to the parking lot where we munched on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It was one of the most perfect days I've ever had. It made me grateful for so much- my health, my strong body, all of the camping trips my father used to take us on when I was kid, even the ones I dreaded instilled in me a love of nature. But most importantly I was grateful for my partner. It was nice to have a day to remind ourselves just how lucky the two of us are. Love you, Handsome.


Carmen said...

what a nice day!

Unknown said...

glad to hear you enjoyed the long weekend. my word verification is "persa"- lost in italian, weird!