Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Lessons We Have To Keep Learning

1. If you think you need to go to the bathroom before a long car ride or a 45 minute subway ride, take the time and do yourself a favor before embarking on the cross-legged voyage.
2. Sometimes a walk around the block really can make you forget about work for ten minutes, especially if you get a juice drink carved out of a coconut shell.
3. If you scratch at a pimple, it doesn't go away.
4. Always carry gum.
5. What good is wearing your nice fancy rainboots if you forget your umbrella?
6. Write appointments and plans down. That way you will keep from triple booking yourself, inevitably disappointing not just someone else but yourself.
7. When breaking in new shoes, keep two bandaids in your purse.
8. Stop going to Gourmet Garage and then walking out empty handed. You will never be able to talk yourself into spending that kind of money on produce.
9. If you get a cupcake and then an apple, you have been given a choice. Eat the apple and give the cupcake away. Don't eat both.
10. Welcome. You have just entered flu season. Don't be shy with the Purell.

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