Wednesday, September 28, 2011

farewells are hard

As I am typing ,my friend from work who has sat next to me for a year and a half is writing her farewell email to the staff. It's amazing how friendships can form out of circumstance but even more amazing how important they become. I think I have spent more time with this friend than anyone else the last year and a half and I have been so sad today knowing that on Monday when I come in, that office will be empty. I suspect it won't really hit me until then but today has been like a punch in the gut. My job is not necessarily fulfilling but what makes it great is the environment and the people I work with. I have shared deep talks, long laughs, a few tears and several cocktails with this friend and come last Friday I realized how important she had become. While I am so thrilled for her new adventure -she is getting married to a handsome Brit and moving to London! - I can't help but be a little bit selfishly sad about her departure. But I am grateful to have had her in my life for this period of time. Of all my friends, I would say she is the only person I know who truly has an active, unapologetic faith, one full of love and light and it has been quite inspiring. So, Sandy, Thank You, Good Luck and Bon Voyage! You will be missed so very much.

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Carmen said...

she also was great at her job - tough to replace that kind of organization.
happy wedding sandy!