Tuesday, September 6, 2011

beach bum

There is nothing quite like a swim in the ocean. This weekend, we went to Wildwood and Cape May, a trip we probably should not have done financially, but was so restorative and relaxing I can't imagine starting the school year back up without it. I know I sound very spoiled and I am. It was also just so good to reconnect. Even though we live together there is something to be said for taking some time away just the two of us. One night we walked probably about three miles and I found myself saying how I really love long walks even though that sounds cliche, its true. The water was so warm and powerful we just kept throwing our bodies against these waves even though we kept getting rocked and our eyes were burning and our bellies were sunburned. We exhausted ourselves until we almost  felt high and were giddy with laughter, a joy only a day at the beach can bring. It was hard to leave but in the morning we went to the bakery and grabbed our treats and decided to have breakfast on the beach. I think I may need to live there.