Tuesday, August 9, 2011


red sky in the morn'
sailors be warned...

sometimes it catches me
a baseball's wayward bounce on hard packed dirt
a thunderstorm when leaving the subway
that asshole who should have used their blinker
there is a hurricane inside me
the news of an old friend's death
the loss of so many
a reminder I greet each day
my body is pulsing beneath the skin
every muscle pulled tight
a cat's cradle along my spine
that tidal wave in my dreams
coming for me, the only
one on the beach
I am a wooden wheel
the smell of fire
on my chest
waiting for the wind to come
I can't stop scratching
the sand moves
tiny anthills
colonize my face
erase my freckles
scar by scar
this buzzing,
beneath my fingertips
never stops.

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