Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Tonight I saw a documentary my old boss directed. When I was working for him it was called "Project Rebirth" but we usually said it as a whisper because Jim was not supposed to be working on this film at the company he was employed to be the President of Production at. While working as producer for several films, as well as being a devoted father and husband, and someone who maintained good friendships, fostered his own spiritual growth and pursued his dream to become a director, Jim produced and directed this amazing piece of film. This film is not just a film but a piece of history. It is the first film that commits to tracking grief and catastrophic loss over the course of eight years while grounding it to a national event that changed the course of our country's direction. While the film is centered with the rebuilding of Ground Zero and the loss and eventual healing of five people directly affected, it is a film that everyone can connect to because of its humanity, universality, and beauty. On top of that, the time lapse cameras are still rolling and will continue to roll until the building is complete and proceeds from the film will go towards a resource for trauma preparation and first responders. As I watched this film and was moved several times to tears, it also inspired me to get that fire back. I ache to do something meaningful which made the viewing bittersweet. While I do not miss the long hours, I miss working in such a passionate environment for such a passionate human being. When he saw me he gave that usual smile out and glance out of the corner of his eye while finishing a conversation with an audience member. He gave me a big long hug and then was about to let go and hugged me even tighter. As I gushed over the film, he stopped me:
"You look so beautiful."
"I'm happy."
"I can tell. Even your voice has changed. You found your voice."
I felt myself moved to tears again which is why this man has made the kind of film only he could really make. He just gets you right in the gut. I miss my old teacher. 


Carmen said...

so nice! was he in nyc? i want to see the movie!

Lindsey Anthony-Bacchione said...

Go see it. It is amazing! It was really nice to see him