Friday, August 12, 2011

Papa Americano

There is this club song I keep hearing everywhere I go: Ikea, YMCA, the deli...Mike told me that the refrain (or the only two lyrics) are "Papa Americano." It is has become this eery, ironic theme song this summer. This country is in so much trouble. Two wars, thousands dead, millions without jobs, we've broken through the debt ceiling, and our way to fix it was to compromise and say that we will not raise taxes on the rich. How the hell does the government think we can close our enormous black hole of debt without raising taxes? I can no longer understand people when they say they are republican. But at the same time, why are the Democrats such pushovers? That's how we got into this mess in the first place. By compromising with Republicans. I know it is a two party system and Obama has fought harder than most for his own agenda. But sometimes the country feels so damn polarized, it is hard to see any light. I look at my own situation and I feel like a sucker that bought into this packaged future America sells. Get good grades, go to college, get good good job, buy a house. I am 29, I have a job beneath my potential (but thankful that I have one!), have not missed a student loan payment in nine years and still have an enormous debt hanging over my head, the debt is so big it is more than what I would need to put down on a house to buy that dream, oh but wait, why would anyone do that right now? Real Estate? That is no longer an investment worth striving for, in my mind. I've been watching the news lately, and there is nothing more depressing than that. Even the feel good stories or medical miracle stories are sad: "Women who had her face and eyes ripped off by a monkey has successfully undergone a face transplant." I have so much to be grateful for but I also have so much fear in taking any leaps right now. I have so many friends and family out of work, it feels stupid to risk anything right now, no matter how awesome I think I am. I need a little vacation from this country, whether it is to attain some fresh perspective or just feel a little lighter.

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