Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How To Get Your Day Started


Florence +The Machine has been my new soundtrack lately. She is such a beautiful weirdo and she has a pair of lungs that make me jump out of my skin. I have been going to spin classes and realizing it is the only place I go where I really live in the present. I focus on my body, my breathing, my movement. Today's class ended with a Florence + The Machine song and I felt a surge of energy, happiness, and gratitude to be fully enveloped in this song, this repetitive movement, this cyclical moment changing and yet stable with every breath. I have a confession. I have taken a recent interest in Zen practice and started reading on it a very tiny bit. I made a joke in passing today at work with two co-workers about what I had been reading. They laughed, literally laughed at the thought of me being able to meditate and achieve a peaceful, sound mind. I have to admit, it is quite laughable. Maybe spin is my zen. Or maybe it is proof that somewhere I am able to live completely in the present.

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