Monday, July 11, 2011

a phone call

sometimes that's all it takes to turn a day around. a laugh, a cry, a story, a memory, a metaphor, reminding us that our connection is unaffected by distance and also necessary to our survival in navigating the treacherous waters of adulthood.

Friday, July 8, 2011

so long....

wow. it has been a while since i have checked in on this blog and really long since i've seen a movie making my absence from skipriporplay epic. so, today, i start small. the truth is, its been a long time since i've checked in with myself. in fairness, i was overbooked with freelance work, my full time job was in its craziest time of year (the end) and mike and i moved. we also managed to go to a wedding, a summer solstice weekend at lake george and vegas, puerto rico...we have a good life. I can't lie. This weekend we are staying in Brooklyn and then the next few we are set to go to the Jersey shore or see my family. i will be going to p-town. the summer will be over before we know it.  But this weekend will be mike and mine's 4 year anniversary. a lot happens in four years.
People graduate institutions. My cousin Emma just finished high school. Babies become people as evident by watching Joaquin question his mother why they cannot just start Spiderman and then push pause until the morning. When I first came here, I was picking him up in a stroller and he was playing that game where he would just freeze until you picked him up. Now he's a big brother. In many ways, Mike and I have had our own graduation. We started as a long distance phone relationship. We would talk until the sun came up and we racked up a healthy credit card debt with plane tickets to and from either end of the country and one trip where we met in the middle in Chicago.
There was the home in piscataway that started as one bedroom and then two and a garage and garden and two canoes. Then back into a studio sized apartment in brooklyn and now a bigger one with a separate garage and two cars. We have been through a crazy lust period, a painful fighting period, a one day breakup, deaths, births, grief, joy, but always laughter. We've made not just one home but are now working on our third. And for the first time it feels like we are both equally designing and building a place that will be just as much his as mine. We understand each other's ticks and don't make excuses for the other if we make a mistake.  We allow each other the space to grow, the dignity to make something right when its possible.
We talk. About everything. The Simpsons, surviving the apocalypse, our day at work, kids, jokes, dinner, insecurities, sports, movies, sex, frustrations, money, dreams, the weather. Over the past four years we have become each other's best friend.  We wanted to go away to Cape May for this anniversary. Last year I was in LA and we had both been through so much we almost didn't remember. But this year, we have to wait for the cable guy and probably the exterminator. I have a soccer game and he has to work and we need to finish painting and unpacking. So we've decided to go to dinner across the street. And I couldn't be more excited.   Cheers, handsome.