Monday, April 11, 2011

From Bird's Eye to Bayou

Called in sick to work on Friday. Flew to New Orleans where Tara and I rang in her 30th birthday on Bourbon Street. We danced on stages and drank tequila on the rocks and paraded in the front lines of a Borbon Street parade after midnight. I got horrendously sunburned on Saturday while listening to musical legends at the French Quarter Festival. Saw good friends, ate fine food, and soaked in the wet heat. Sunday, we flew in opposite directions but both ended up catching up on sleep most of the day to return to normalcy for Monday morning. It was a perfect weekend.

Upon looking at my sunburn a friend in New Orleans commented, "Man, it sucks you're going to get busted (about calling in sick for work Friday) but, hey at least it shows you have a pulse." And in response to my boyfriend's encouragement to go for this last minute crazy trip, Yes, I did indeed flex my life muscle.

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Carmen said...

i like that expression!
flex your life muscle