Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Writing Prompt: Clutter

As Mike and I settle more into a our tiny one bedroom apartment (two extra shelves here, a hanging door coat rack there) a few things have become clear:

1) We need to move.

2) His collection of furniture and tools does NOT compliment my collection of papers, paid bills, and receipts. We are both pack rats in totally different ways. Besides the couch which we purchased together at the end of last summer, I have not bought or brought home one piece of furniture. Our apartment is filled with inherited or built pieces of furniture by Mike, almost all with the idea of function over form, though Mike does have a style. Meanwhile, Mike has amost no papers and I have drawers filled, not to mention the notebooks of past taxes with receipts I have in his parents' attic.

3) I cannot get magazine subscriptions. If I don't get a chance to read them, I have a hard time parting with them and so instead they sit and collect for a time I will never be able to fully enjoy even a quarter of them.

4) I need to begin scanning my papers and writing materials with feedback or just throw them away.

5) Mike needs a workshop.

6) I need to practice using my desk and not the coffee table as a place to put things and work.

7) We need an office.

8) If a medicine or lotion has an expiration date tha thas already passed, throw them away.

9) I need a dresser and a bigger closet.

10) Mike needs a dresser and a closet.

11) A little bit of cleaning everyday is better than a huge cleaning binge on Sunday night.

12) We need a spice rack. The plastic bags of spices all thrown together is no longer working.

13) For our next apartment we will pick a theme that has a little bit of him, a little bit of me, and the rest is Us.

14) There was a time we actually kept bikes in the living room, as well. I think I may retire the idea of being a Brooklyn cyclist. And after seeing and reading about the Ghost bike tour this past weekend, I think I have lost my appetite for charging the streets of New York on 2 wheels with pedals

15) Once we move, I am never sleeping on a loft bed again.

16) An actual entertainment system with cabinets and shelves, etc, would be nice.

17) If we get a smaller coffee table does that mean we will keep less shit on it?

18) Why would anyone get a dog in NYC?

19) It might be time for real curtains.

20) Everyone should live in a small apartment once.


Carmen said...

i still have a mag subscription that i cannot keep up with. it drives me a little crazy but i have a basket where i keep them in the bathroom. once the basket gets too full i throw out a bunch of the old ones. even if i haven;t read them. which hurts my heart a little. but i'm not ready to let go of the subscription

Mike said...

I agree with everything you said. In addition:
17. No
18. They would rather pick up dog shit than be alone.