Friday, March 11, 2011

Writing Prompt: A Box Full of Books

On top of being very busy with book reading and script reading, Mike and I went to a book sale to weekends ago where I could not resist buying some of the classics for $2 not to mention a week later I went to a reading and bought another two books and recently used a gift certificate to a book store I got for my birthday in September. I have always loved to read, but even if I don't get to read all of these books for a couple years, I have always loved books! The smell, the feel, the words...I'm a proud bookworm. Here is a list of things I am currently reading or have recently bought. I can't tell you what I read for coverage because THAT is confidential. However I did just finish a 319 page book and two scripts. That being said...
Julie Orringer's Collection of Short Stories: How To Breathe Underwater
Nick Flynn's play, Alice Invents A Little Game and Alice Always Wins
Nick Flnn's new collection of poetry, The Captain Asks For A Show of Hands
Andre Dubus III's memoir, Townie
The Complete Collection of James Joyce
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (a favorite!)
Joyce Johnson's In The Night Cafe (a former teacher)
The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci
Rick Moody's The Ice Storm
And that is all I can remember for right now...

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Carmen said...

i feel like you make up for my lack of reading