Friday, February 11, 2011

Writing Prompt - Rushing

Ah, what a perfect prompt for today. Although I went to sleep past midnight last night, I was determined to get up this morning and go to the Y (YMCA) where they have an 1/8 mile track. After running 24 laps, I decided to skip the last eight and move to lunges and squats. It had been two days since I did my leg exercises and feeling ambitious, I grabbed a 12-lb bar to accompany my lunges. After about 22 lunges, I lunged my right foot forward and as I dipped, I heard a crack, snapple, pop like a goddamn cereal and felt a rush of pain to my hip flexor. The sound and immediate flash of pain were so intense I swore I felt my leg immediately swell. I rushed home to ice it and while sitting on my couch at 6:50 a.m. on a Friday morning after 5 1/2 hours of sleep, nursing a potentially torn hip flexor I felt  old and I felt like an asshole. I don't know why I have to always make it hard for myself. If I had taken my time, maybe walked a few extra laps and cooled down, maybe stretched, maybe eased back into lunges without the extra 12 pound bar, I may have avoided this morning ice pack. But, instead I always must force things upon myself-force a solution, force an intense workout, force an extra responsibility. Today was a good reminder that I need to listen more to my body instead of my brain.

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