Monday, February 28, 2011

Cool Whip

Last night, after watching the Oscars, Mike, Tara, Ayinde and me all packed into Mike's truck to drive back to Brooklyn. I think we laughed the entire way home which led up to a conversation about the pronuciation of "Cool Whip." Mike insists on pronouncing Cool Whip with a soft sounding "w" like they do in the South or more famously coined by Stewie on Family Guy. It annoys me to no end since Mike is from Jersey and he mispronounces the word just to push my buttons. But the comedy came in when Tara could not pronounce it the way Mike said it. She could not understand the concept of a soft w, silent h sound, when suddenly Mike said, you know, as in "wHat do you want?" We erupted into laughter over nothing before dropping them off. I've been friends with Tara for over ten years now, but only in the last year and half have we been able to see each other on a regular basis since when we lived together when we were 18! Sometimes, I get a little homesick for family. I see them having birthday parties and barbeques through video posts and pictures on facebook. But then, I'll hang out with Tara and remember that I've had family out here all along.

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