Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Writing Promt #3: An Off Year

I have always liked odd numbers over even numbers. In soccer and baseball I was number 13 or number 17. I  like being odd number ages. 19 was a good year. So was 27 and I feel good about 29. I like odd number years, too- 2003, 2005, 2007.  2010 was definitely an off year for so many reasons, most of which have been discussed on this blog. It was also off in that it was peculiar. Many peculiar things happened, but then again one never knows how one will respond to trauma, to growth. I learned that sometimes you can find hope in tragedy, hope can be found where you least expect it. So, I’m not sure what is considered an off year anymore. Is a year off because of its even number, because of my even age or is it off if shit happens? Or is it off if things go great and peace is found, peace is achieved? Being 29 in 2011 might be considered an off year, but I have a feeling, whatever it is, is going to be good.

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daleboca said...

29 was a great age for me and 11 is the best. I agree odd years all the way yo yo!