Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Writing Prompt 8: Quick Reaction Time

Every morning I follow the life of my friend who is pregnant with twins as well as raising two children with a husband whose work calls him out of town quite a bit. She is currently 3 cm dialated and having contractions she cannot even feel yet, but it has been such an adventure to follow her blogs. Being terrified of pregnancy, labor, motherhood, blah, blah, blah I am completely fascinated by someone who not only embraces being pregnant but inspires me to have the kind of pregnancy she has had. First off, she has managed to stave off back pain after two back surgeries by going to the gym religiously. Secondly, she has been generally very happy and often has that "glowing" look people some often use when describing pregnant women, but really applies to my friend. She looks amazing and has been full of energy. Even now as she is finally feeling tired (at week 35!) she is still going to work and running around with her other two kids. She is like a pregnant Superhero. I keep thinking of the moment this is all going to end, when this journey will finally come to a head (literally) and it will be go time! What is the story that we are all going to laugh about and reminisce about around dinner and chocolate a couple years later like we did the other night when hearing about her labor with the first two? So to my friend, who is one of the very few people who reads this blog, anyhow, although I am sad the pregnancy blogs will be coming to an end, I cannot wait for the next chapter!

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daleboca said...

aahh you are so sweet. i cannot wait for you to be pregnant! xoxox