Saturday, January 15, 2011

Writing Prompt 5: She Just Wanted to Jump In The Car and Take Off

I don't remember how we got there, I just remember pieces of the drive home.
There was construction on Route 1, narrowing the two lanes into one. It was raining hard, loud and we had just smoked before getting in the car. Jessica fell asleep in the passenger seat immediately. It was my car anyhow, and I didn't trust her driving. We left San Francisco, carefully winding down the coast of California, after a long weekend visiting friends and then forgetting them. That was the year when entire pockets of time have disappeared from my memory. I smoked all the time, but that wasn't why I forgot. I clenched the steering wheel as the rain fell heavier, the roads got slicker, and my tiny two door mitsubishi coupe skidded along the gravel. Sami's hand fell on my shoulder and he kept it there, a reminder that I was never alone. I looked in the rear view mirror and he smiled at me. He was never sincere if there was a crowd but in the quiet moments of that year, his friendship would emerge like bursts of lights. I drive the entire 10 hour journey, dropping him and Jessica off in Santa Barbara. The rain had stopped. The rest of the highway was mine for the taking. But I don't remember that part.

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