Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Writing Prompt #10: A Big Red Bow

Today is my old boss's birthday. He was high maintenance and I worked ungodly hours for him, but we had a lot of fun. When we were still in the "scary boss/ nervous assistant" phase he asked me to do an impossible task, that basically required me not to accept the word "no" as an answer and then to get that answer in less than two hours. I don't even remeber what that task was because it was so ludacris. Without thinking, I snapped back, "Would you like it served on a silver platter with a big red bow, too?"  My face dropped. I could not believe I had smart-mouthed my boss and with such dripping sarcasm. As he looked down the bridge of his nose from his six foot three frame down at me shaking in my boots, he raised a finger and I got ready to be fired when he said, "A white bow."

Happy Birthday, Jim.

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