Monday, January 10, 2011

Writing Prompt #1: Take It Out For A Spin

We let the day run out, slipping daylight hours between or fingers, the grains of sand we missed sifting through after turning our childhoods in over the summer. Now we were unleashed, the wild was out.
We raged through the night, invincible, free, and we were all so damn pretty.

He liked my long hair, the  way it smiled in twisting tendrils, long like tentacles. He was good at remembering me, remembering why we mattered to each other. The others didn't know, but I knew where his mother was that night. I knew better, but I didn't say anything. When he suggested we take his mom's car for a spin, none of us could turn down that dare. It was still too early to tell who wouldn't survive being cool. Every decision counted. Every mischief a chance to shed what we were supposed to be. Krissy, the smart rich girl with the most to lose, was the first to get in the car. Karla was always good at asking for what she wanted, and that night she wanted tacos and I was good at obliging. She had that kind of way. So we got in the car without licenses or permits or directions. We had to get out of the nighborhood so no one would see us so we turned up side streets and ended up at the busy section of Laurel Canyon and Magnolia at Friday rush hour, but back then we didn't think about things like that. We turned up the music and  pulled over so Karla could hop out. We pulled over in the bus lane so someone could run to the corner, run up to that window and ask for two tacos, maybe a bean and cheese burrito, or a Mexican pizza, because we could eat whatever we wanted.

There was a bus barreling down and I saw it, he saw it. I watched him in the mirror. I was sitting behind him, because I didn’t want to sit in the front. He was supposed to be my boyfriend but I stopped talking to him because I didn’t know how to say no and I didn't want to say yes when I wasn't sure if I wanted to say no, so I hid. I sat behind him.

The bus pulled out, pulled out to drive around our illegally stopped car and then I saw it, the little rust brown, burnt red car coming behind the bus. It followed the bus, a diesel tail sticking close to it, grill to grill. I wanted to say something, but I don’t.  He had already seen the bus. I wanted to say wait but I hesitated because I thought he saw it, but at the moment when I realized he doesn’t it is too late and we hip check the side of the car scraping off their side as we fuck up his mother’s car. The heat in the car suddenly rises and we are all paralyzed. He screams to just get out and so we hop out. Happy to bail. We left him, but he had given us permission...right? I saw tears in his eyes and I knew that that decision would count, but I left anyway.  

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