Thursday, January 6, 2011

filling the hole

in a book i read about someone
trying to fill the hole
thinking they have a hole
thinking they are defective
and so they fill themselves
with compulsive shopping.

after one appointment finishes early
i find myself with an hour and twenty minutes to kill.
but i don't want a drink
and i don't want to sit in a starbucks
and i don't want to spend money
but my stomach gets the best of me
and i stop in a crappy place
and have the worst chicken gumbo of my life.
but i'm still hungry.
i search aimlessly for something that will taste good, be good, and not cost more than $1.50
i kill the time by circling a beauty supply store.
after my second appointment i come home
and i am ravenous.
so i snack while i heat up my dinner
and halfway through my dinner i find myself full
which seems impossible
so i keep on eating.
but this time, i did not finish it.

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