Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Boss Lady

I have learned a great deal from working for my boss.
She never lets emotions get the best of her. She is always diplomatic and always considers, I mean really considers a request before saying "no." She begins many sentences with "I would like to be accommodating..." Today I found myself in an obnoxious situation. A coworker was being impossible, very difficult and for no reason and was asking for a ridiculous request. I caught myself in explaining the situation to my boss and said,  "I mean, I would like to be accommodating..." But neither she nor I believed it. I do not want to be accomodating because I think it is a ludacris request. But what I saw as a coworker being very difficult for no good reason other than to be territorial, my boss laid it out pretty clearly.  "I think she's jealous." Ah-ha! The reason for her difficulty was rooted in jealous motivations which all became very clear once my boss pointed it out to me. I then had a different understanding of the sensitive nerve I had touched and was able to engage with this co-worker in a more gracious manner. (Although by the end of the day, my patience did expire.) I don't know how long I will work for my boss, but everytime I get frustrated with my job I learn something from her and it keeps the job interesting one more day.

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Carmen said...

so curious to know who the co-worker is....
the boss lady is indeed sort of amazing