Monday, January 31, 2011

Writing Prompt 17: Bait and Switch

This prompt reminds me of working on my documentary with the very talented Iz. We used music from my friend Mike Corwin and we titled it "Bait and Tackle" because we used it in the opening shot of our version of the movie.  We worked tirlesessly every day for months. She let me invade her space, even gave me keys to her apartment. While I loved working with her, what I loved even more was the countless chicken salad sandwiches, take out sushi, bottles of wine and laughs we consumed and shared over the course of that time. She almost convinced me to break up with my boyfriend at the time and just stay in New York. But I wasn't ready. Instead, I went home with the idea that I would temp, earn some money and come back. I broke off our working engagement at a French restaurant in the UWS. It was perhaps one of the hardest conversations I had with a friend. I am not very good at expressing myself very clearly when conflicts arise. But Iz handled it like a champ, perhaps even relieved to move away from the project. We sat and drank wine and ate cheese fondue. When I got back to LA, I ended up getting an offer I couldn't refuse from a temp agency. I worked with my friend from home to find a more linear edit to the documentary. We also worked tirelessly to finish a cut in time for Sundance. I was so naive. After a year of submitting the doc (half cut by Iz, half re-cut by Morgan) it only was accepted to one festival. I haven't watched it since 2008 and when I did, there was so much of it I wanted to cut, yet again. It was not finished, but it had been time to move on. Recently I got the idea that I'd like to reinterview some of the people in a few years from now and recut the footage. But, we'll see about that. Maybe I'm just looking for another excuse to work with Iz again.

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