Friday, December 3, 2010

blog central

my morning routine consists of checking about a million blogs and thinking about writing an entry for my own and usually not being able to think about something to write. so it hought i would write about this. but this is all i have to say about it. i have a couple friends who have turned their blogs into businesses, they have branded themselves, they deliver a promise and in return they have a set market of readers that do excatly what i do every morning, only they look to my friends' blogs for fashion advice or to share in parenting humor or anxiety. I don't know how one becomes that, or maybe I do and I just don't have the desire, and especially not the energy. I have lots of great ideas, but I suck at follow through. Some people have said this is because of some subconscious fear of success. I think I might just be lazy although with the amount of work I agree to, that is a contradiction. It must be a fear of failure or maybe I'm just comfortable. I think part of me is scared to pursue something else because I think I will give up on writing and then kick myself later in life for not trying with writing. But what does it all matter anyway? Isn't the point to be happy? To do good with the one shot you have? I have to say I am excited to leave these self-indulgent twenties. Bring on 30!

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