Thursday, November 4, 2010


She spills her drink on her lap.
Silk aprons sink between
her, the true Queen of Hearts.
Waves of wedding dress tulle
Tucked in her little girl
skirt and baby blue bra.

“Can I eat you?” he asks.
“And if I grow?” she asks.
“I’m Alice,” she tells him.
Her knee socks, and black bow,
and blonde hair, suggest so.
Although her midriff lies.

I do not remember
Alice revealing so
much to the Mad Hatter
or the Caterpillar.
Perhaps it was always
The Cheshire she wanted.

She points to her secret,
the place that one day might
just make her a mother.
She curtsies slow, all her
mushrooms eaten. She winks,
“And this, is wonderland.”

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