Friday, October 29, 2010


Last night, Carmen and I went to a very funny show called MORTIFIED. People read from their middle school and high school diaries and journals. My favorite performer was the Executive Producer, Neal, who read poems he had written dealing with rejection, obsession, prom, etc... My favorite was called "Prom Is A Fantasy" where he proceeds to rail on how people who go to prom are letting society dictate their lives. This, of course, was written after the girl he wanted to go to prom with went with someone else. He then proceeded to go to prom with a blind date. The poem written after that topped the last one. This one was "Untitled" and begins with "Death To The Tormentors..."

ANother performer read about her dilemma on whether she should buy the Ace of Base CD or a Nirvana CD. She then added "oh yeah, by the way, Kurt Cobain, just committed suicide."

I especially loved her because I have listened to that Ace of Base CD probably hundreds of times as well as all of my Nirvana CDs. Anyone else have SWV? K.D. Lang? Crash Test Dummies?

It was fun to laugh, to laugh hard and honestly, with a little self-nod to the nerdy kids we all once were.

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