Monday, October 4, 2010

little black box

dear blog,
i have been so engaged with comments on my movie blog that i have been neglecting you. apologies, apologies! but i have come back to you the same way i went back to the theatre today. nothing feels quite like slipping into a chair in a black box theatre. the house lights hot on my face and then the quick fade, the blackness engulfing me as the story is illuminated before me. there is nothing in the world as beautiful to me as that moment. sometimes i wonder just why the hell i ever got out of the little black box and when i will have the courage to go back in. when the play comes out, go see GLORY GIRLS by Elizabeth Diggs. There is a reading on Thursday at Ensemble Studio Theatre. Funny, smart, heartbreaking, passionate, historical, inspiring, empowering.
j'taime lbb.

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