Tuesday, October 19, 2010

if i were a rich girl

i would get my hair done every 4-6 weeks like you're supposed to
i would get my teeth bleached by some blue light laser
i would get laser hair removal everywhere except my legs, i actually like shaving my legs
i would go to iceland for the weekend because it would REALLY be a deal
i would buy a smart car and drive around looking for really small parking spots
i would buy a farm house in vermont, a ski chalet in colorado, a brownstone in brooklyn, and a beach house
i would travel to every single place i could
i would still shop online just a lot more frequently
i would get whatever i really wanted on the menu
i would consider laser tattoo removal for 2 of my 4 tattoos (guess which ones?)
i would consider getting a huge tattoo on my back
i would give to charity though i admit i did not think of this right away, but i definitely would
i would buy myself a mac desktop, a mac laptop and an ipad
i would see a lot more theatre and a lot more movies if the bed bug scare was over
i would never drink the "well drinks"
i would hire a cook
i would throw an awesome party for no damn reason
i would take a year off and write. maybe two or three.
i would make another documentary
i would open up an arts cafe and have poetry slams, movie nights and game nights
i would buy mike every survival tool he needs to feed his growing hobby
i would still wear sterling silver
i would see my brother more often
i would get facials every month
i would have an easier life but not necessarily more interesting
i would still work but i would make sure my day didn't start until 10am
i would be bored...would i? would i?
i would always have mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer and flowers in vases


Carmen said...

i would do some of those things with you
documentary and opening up a cafe for sure
do we have to be rich?

Isabel said...

next year you should be rich for halloween