Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the passing of august

When Reagan was president
and we had a backyard
one with a pool,
the month of august
never meant anything more than the barbecues and
swims crammed in before school.
The passing of august was marked by a series of birthdays and anniversaries.
the 15th was Gary, the 23rd was my parents, 25th was Shaun, 30th was Breanne
and then we slipped into September like a cat burglar
stealing summer's pearls.
august lost its appeal when the 8th became the day she left
and the 23rd became the day of silence.

i have never loved September,
marked by the first day of school for many different schools
a birthday during the first two weeks of school when i still didn't have any friends yet
a birthday forgotten
a birthday attempted
and eventually a perpetual and annual dose of birthday blues.
but the east coast gives September a spit polish.
the month filleted in front of us as summer and fall fight over breaking the wish bone.
September has always been a month of movement
the 8th marked by grandparent's wedding anniversary or maybe it was his birthday, the 11th her birthday, the 16th Gilen was born, 20th was mine and 21st was Gail's.
then grandpa died and the 8th was a day to call grandma and september 11th happened which was a day people began to call me.
and now the 20th again, shared with the only person I'd want to share it with.
mike and me having the same birthday was a thread of "unbelievable" information that kept us friends when we were living separate lives.
every now and then, i still get tickled, like a third grader with a crush, when i tell people that me and my boyfriend have the same birthday.
the last few with him have been pretty damn good.

so for this august,
i say do not go gently into the night
though please cool down


daleboca said...

love it

Carmen said...

even i get excited telling people you and mike have the same birthday. it's awesome.