Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

After much hesitation founded on intimidation
I decided to meet my friend Lindsay at Cadman Plaza for a yoga lesson, a moment of reflection for mother earth, a celebratory gesture to Summer Solctice, and also some spiritual prayers regarding the oil spill.I told my friend yesterday that I wasn't sure if I wanted to come because I was intimidated.
I blamed it on yoga, but the truth is it was the meditation and spirituality part of it. Also, the idea of doing yoga in a park was somewhat terrifying. But I forced myself out of my comfort zone and went.
When we first set up our mats, I was paranoid about my bag. What if someone just runs by and takes it? The only real thing of value in my wallet is a few dollars and my monthly subway pass but still I was nervous to sit in a park with my eyes closed. But I did it, and as Lindsay guided me to listen to all the different sounds surrounding me, I actually forgot about my bag and for a moment really sunk into the soundtrack of New York: A motorcycle, honking, footsteps, birds, rumbling from a distant train, a few guys playing soccer. I decided to just let go of all my insecurities, because that is what they really were-afraid of being looked at I suppose, and I really tried to focus. And I have to say I got a lot out of it. It was nice to step inside myself for a moment and then outside of myself and become a part of the world again. I have been following the oil spill and it has depressed me to no end. So much that the other day I turned the BBC off and picked up a Victoria's Secret catalog instead, even though I felt filthy doing it. And though I am not one to pray and have lost my belief in religion, it was nice to think of the oil spill and ask the universe to show me how to be more appreciative of the earth and pay more attention to the life surrounding me.
Even though our session was cut short due to mosquitos, I found myself leaving a little happier then when I came and though I spend a lot of my day being quiet, there was a different silence that I went home with. A silence that was serene. I found myself wanting to make myself dinner as opposed to buying it. And even though we only have eggs in the house, I made a kick ass omelette. So, a big thank you to my friend, Lindsay, and a super big Happy Summer Solstice to everyone.

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