Sunday, June 13, 2010


the world cup has begun and so far i have tried to watch almost every match
that will change with the start of the work week
since all three matches air between the hours of 7:00am- 4:00p.m.
But I am hoping I can watch some on my computer at ESPN or
anyway, today i had an incredible day
lots of house cleaning but then mike and i made nachos, cracked open a cold beer,
and watched the germany vs australia game
a sunday afternoon does not get much better than that
watching soccer i can literally feel my heart jump with certain plays, goals, blocks, passes
and i'm reminded of how much i love this sport, what it was for me as a kid
and then why i left the sport just before college
but i am so grateful it came back into my life
even if i act like a lunatic
it makes me want to get back to the "mental" kind of player i used to be
i was the kind of player that could lose my cool but then just pump that energy back into my game
now i just lose my cool
there is a discipline in soccer, a grace and finesse
it is a sport with elegance
and watching these pros reminds me that good sportsmanship isn't just good manners
but a part of the mental game of soccer
without a good head about you, the game is not soccer,
its just a chicken coop.
so cheers to you amazing players around the globe and the ones playing in South Africa, too.
this beer is for you.

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Carmen said...

i got to see the first 30 minutes of the 1st argentina game on jetblue. i love jetblue, and soccer.