Tuesday, June 8, 2010

pretty damn good

"he looks happier than i've seen him in a long time"
"yeah...that's the mike i know," i say
his smile natural, open, like he is taking a breath of fresh air.
he is happy in movement
when in the process of moving his hands
building, creating, loving
i take a moment and drink him in
damn, he's cute
and i am overcome with gratitude
i am one lucky girl
and in between him reaching for a fork and handing me a fork
i feel this burst of warmth
and a renewed sense of confidence.
there are not many decisions i have made that i can say were the right ones
except for him
perhaps the only decision
and my heart melts when he smiles at me, fork in hand, under a sweaty baseball cap.
my life is pretty damn good.  

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Carmen said...

fuck - that was sweet