Sunday, June 20, 2010

Atlantic City

AC met every expectation I had.
I went for one night which was plenty.
Like Vegas with a beach.
Like Vegas, you cannot stray from the strip and if you do, the casino will ironically make you feel safe.
There is a reason I should own a pretty, sexy dress & heels even though I am not 23, and I don't go to clubs. (Put that one on my "to-do" list.)
Hangovers will be suffered. Dunkin Donuts will only enhance its effects.
A shot of whiskey is never a good idea after midnight.
It is important to be silly and even more important to completely cut lose.
Like Vegas, it is more about the party you bring than the town you're in. Although the town makes fun a lot more easy.
Pack bandaids.

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Carmen said...

i want to come next time!